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The Do’s and Don’ts of Investing: Part 2

Thanks for checking back with us for Part 2 of The Do’s and Don’ts of Investing. In Part 1 we talked about not forgetting to do your homework and your research. We also pointed out the importance of not investing in something you don’t understand and to make sure you surround yourself with like minded people. […]

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Podcast 05: Building Your Real Estate Team

Today in our next podcast, we will be discussing your real estate team and why you need it. In this episode Bryan and Erik talk about not getting overwhelmed by building your real estate team. They will discuss who is on that team and what responsibilities each team member has.     Building Your Real Estate Team […]

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How to Become a Master Negotiater

Perhaps one of the hardest skills to learn is how to successfully negotiate. How to engage meaningfully with another person in a situation where you are trying to get what you want, but make the other person happy as well. Once you get into the investor mindset, it is important to take into account that […]

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A Success Story

Each week our team scours the internet for stories and articles on real estate investing in hope to keep our followers up to date on the ever changing real estate market. It is always great to hear about new endeavors from REIs and even better when we come across a great success story. Last week […]

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How to Become Successful at Investing In Real Estate

The number one mistake real estate investors make….. they don’t get properly educated. Trying to invest in real estate with out the proper knowledge is a lot like flying a plane with out pilot’s training…not very smart. As we mention quite frequently in our blog posts, Part-Time REI is all about education. Above all, you […]

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Inspecting Inspections for Houses

Ah, yes inspections. The necessary evil of the real estate world. The one thing that can take a “for sure” deal from imminent to inconclusive at the stroke of an inspector’s pen. We know sometimes they are a pain to deal with and if you are just getting started, it may be hard to understand […]

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