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What You Should Know About Termite Inspections

In most areas around the country a whole home inspection will require a termite inspection. You hope all you have to pay for is the cost of the inspection. Termite control can become a costly expense  for your potential flip if problems go untreated for years. Unfortunately in the business of flipping houses with some not being […]

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What’s a Whole Home Inspection Involve?

This is the big one. A whole home inspection is the mother load of all inspections. Here is a look at the major points and what’s included in each one for most parts of the country.     The Structure Entry ways, foundations, siding and porches looking for such symptoms of trouble as sagging roof […]

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Inspecting Inspections for Houses

Ah, yes inspections. The necessary evil of the real estate world. The one thing that can take a “for sure” deal from imminent to inconclusive at the stroke of an inspector’s pen. We know sometimes they are a pain to deal with and if you are just getting started, it may be hard to understand […]

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