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Window Treatment Tricks

We have talked about windows before here at Part-Time REI and how to ensure you are properly replacing them. Today we go further into the decorating side. We have been to countless homes that are trying to sell and the window treatments are just, well, off. Just as the right lighting can open your house […]

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Top Tips When Investing Turns into Landlording

One thing is for sure in the investing in real estate business–cash flow is important. One of the top ways to get cash flowing is to rent out some of the properties you have acquired. We get a lot of questions about becoming landlords and if it is a good idea. Her are our top […]

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Avoiding the Closing From Hell

Well you made it! You sold your flip! Congratulations, you have made it to the finish line. All that is left is for the buyer to sign the paper work at the closing. What could go wrong? Most closings go pretty smooth and can close in as little as a half hour. Unfortunately through no fault […]

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How to Become Successful at Investing In Real Estate

The number one mistake real estate investors make….. they don’t get properly educated. Trying to invest in real estate with out the proper knowledge is a lot like flying a plane with out pilot’s training…not very smart. As we mention quite frequently in our blog posts, Part-Time REI is all about education. Above all, you […]

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