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The Do’s and Don’ts Of Investing Part 1

When someone decided to try their hand at flipping houses, often the first question is, “where do I begin?” Today we will go over a few do’s and don’ts when starting out your flipping career. 1.) Don’t Forget to Do Your Homework Not many people naturally know about investing in real estate. That is one of the […]

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Three REI Scenarios to Avoid

There are of course many scenarios that you as a part-time REI doesn’t want to find yourself in. Trying to sell a house with an incessant barking dog, a sump pump has failed you name it, we have seen it. But there are situations that you can keep yourself  out of. Let’s take a look at […]

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How to Become Successful at Investing In Real Estate

The number one mistake real estate investors make….. they don’t get properly educated. Trying to invest in real estate with out the proper knowledge is a lot like flying a plane with out pilot’s training…not very smart. As we mention quite frequently in our blog posts, Part-Time REI is all about education. Above all, you […]

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Must Read Books for REIs

Whether it is a good old fashioned hard back, an audio version or the ease of an e-book, there are TONS of books out there on investing in real estate. The options can be a little daunting, especially with the flipping industry taking off in the last 10 years. Everyone these days is an author […]

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