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Podcast 06: The Most Important Team Member

In our last podcast, Bryan and Erik talked about building your team and the different levels each team member make up. This week they discuss the most important team member…YOU!   The Most Important Team Member   To learn more about Part-Time REI visit us at http://part-timerei.com/ Or connect with us  

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The Do’s and Don’ts Of Investing Part 1

When someone decided to try their hand at flipping houses, often the first question is, “where do I begin?” Today we will go over a few do’s and don’ts when starting out your flipping career. 1.) Don’t Forget to Do Your Homework Not many people naturally know about investing in real estate. That is one of the […]

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Podcast 05: Building Your Real Estate Team

Today in our next podcast, we will be discussing your real estate team and why you need it. In this episode Bryan and Erik talk about not getting overwhelmed by building your real estate team. They will discuss who is on that team and what responsibilities each team member has.     Building Your Real Estate Team […]

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3 Questions Real Estate Investors Must Ask Their Agents

As a part-time real estate investor, your REALTOR is one of the most critical members of your team.  She can help you find deals quickly, make recommendations about the level of finish required for the area, and market the home to sell quickly.  However, bad advice in one or more of these categories and your […]

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