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Market Watch: Rise of The Renting Market

Is your investing strategy “buy and hold”? Many flippers start their cash flow out that way; purchase a house, fix it up quickly and start renting right away. Seems like a smart move since many new studies are showing that renting is the way to go for more and more American families. But why is […]

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Top Tips When Investing Turns into Landlording

One thing is for sure in the investing in real estate business–cash flow is important. One of the top ways to get cash flowing is to rent out some of the properties you have acquired. We get a lot of questions about becoming landlords and if it is a good idea. Her are our top […]

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Small Real Estate Investment Markets: The Perfect Storm

I am sure you remember the scene from the movie The Perfect Storm. In the climax of the movie, a rare combination of weather circumstances  converge to create a storm of immense power creating an event of unusual magnitude. Just like in the movie several factors are mounting as evidence that a perfect storm may be building for individuals […]

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