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Real Estate Investment Success With REI Advisors

With the rising popularity of flipping houses, a new trend is emerging within the investment world. Recent market watch data has showed Real Estate Investor Advisors are being added to financial adviser teams.  But why have real estate professionals advise at a financial firm? The real estate industry is booming. More and more investors are choosing real […]

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How Your Income Can Become Passive

Investing in real estate is an excellent way to create passive income that will help you build wealth and provide income during your retirement years. Passive Income is defined as earnings an individual derives from a rental property, limited partnership or other enterprises in which he or she is not actively involved. In short, you did something […]

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Why Setting Goals is Important

  A few blogs ago we talked about becoming successful at investing in real estate. One of the key components we mentioned when building your REI business is setting goals. We start with the question of “Why do you want to start investing in real estate?” The answer to this can be different for many […]

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Small Real Estate Investment Markets: The Perfect Storm

I am sure you remember the scene from the movie The Perfect Storm. In the climax of the movie, a rare combination of weather circumstances  converge to create a storm of immense power creating an event of unusual magnitude. Just like in the movie several factors are mounting as evidence that a perfect storm may be building for individuals […]

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The Alternate to 529’s: Flipping Houses for College Money

One of the things we try to do here at Part-Time REI is to help potential house flippers understand the benefits of  flipping houses part-time.  One of the best reasons to start investing in real estate is the extra cash. Not only to do the things you love like travel, or save for your retirement, […]

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