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Flipping House Series: The Gutted House Part 1

Welcome back to our Flipping House Series. We had a little hiatus with some great Podcasts with Erik and Bryan and we will have more of those in the future. This week we look at a great flip. This house is basically totally brand new, on the inside. From the pictures you can tell that […]

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A Success Story

Each week our team scours the internet for stories and articles on real estate investing in hope to keep our followers up to date on the ever changing real estate market. It is always great to hear about new endeavors from REIs and even better when we come across a great success story. Last week […]

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Market Watch: Green Bay, WI

When someone hears the city name Green Bay, it is hard to think of anything but the famous Cheeseheads of the Green Bay Packers. Not many realize the actual Cheesehead headquarters is the oldest city in the state of Wisconsin. Though it is the oldest, it is only the third largest city after Madison and Milwakee. […]

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