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Flipping House Series: The Gutted House Finale 2

As promised we have more after shots of The Gutted House.  Because this was a complete remodel, with our team totally gutting the house there were too many after shots to show you in one blog post. Let’ take a final look at how The Gutted House turned out.   Dining Room       […]

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Flipping House Series: The Gutted House Part 1

Welcome back to our Flipping House Series. We had a little hiatus with some great Podcasts with Erik and Bryan and we will have more of those in the future. This week we look at a great flip. This house is basically totally brand new, on the inside. From the pictures you can tell that […]

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5 Smart Moves for REIs

Every Friday we try to supply our readers with some smart tips or tricks to make investing in real estate a smoother ride. Today we want to review some smart moves for REI when starting out in the business. Read on to check out our top 5 smart moves.  1. Recognize that  investing is a business. […]

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Flipping House Series: The Dirt House Finale

  Now that The Dirt House has been finished up let’s take a look at some of the after shots. If you want to look at the before shots click here. Front of House It looks great!   If you remember this house’s floors were pretty much dirt and so was the back yard. Here […]

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Flipping House Series: The Mold House Finale

  In our third and final installment of The Mold House we take a look at how our renovation turned out. Here is a list of the repairs done on The Mold House:   Removed drywall and flooring in basement and re-drywalled area Sanded and refinished hardwood floors New windows installed Re-glazed bathtub New bath […]

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Flipping House Series: The Student House of the Quarter

Part-Time REI would like to congratulate our student Brent on his first flip! Brent has been working hard on on flipping this house and we are ready to showcase the “after”  photos of his house and what a great job he did.       Notice that our student used neutral colors through out the […]

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