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Flaunting Faucets

  The hardware in a bathroom or kitchen sink can really set off the room. Different designs, styles and features allow you to dress up and draw attention to the space. Always try to update the fixtures especially the faucets. Make sure if you switch out the sink faucet you also match it to the shower or […]

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The Top Materials for Countertops Part 2

Non-traditional/New Age In the first part of our series we talked about  traditional options for your countertops in your flip. In our second installation of countop talk, it is the less ordinary countertop we will discuss. A different countertop could be just the special thing you need to make your kitchen pop! Tile Modular and […]

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Choosing the Right Cabinets for your Flip

  One of biggest questions for a flip is whether to replace or reface the cabinets in the kitchen. Replacing of course is removing the entire cabinet boxes and installing new ones. Refacing involves replacing only the doors of your cabinets instead of the entire cabinet box. Here we discuss the difference and how to […]

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The Top Materials for Countertops Part 1

What’s the one item that sets the tone for the kitchen. The statement of the kitchen?  From experience we can tell you one of the first questions we always get about our kitchens? ” What are your countertops made of??” So we thought we would write a series on countertops. With the never ending options […]

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Catchy Kitchen Upgrades when Flipping

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home so no wonder it is arguably the most important upgrade when flipping a house. A kitchen that “wows” your potential buyer will help you close the deal no doubt. But be careful, it is also the most easily over-done upgrade many real estate investors make. […]

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