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The Top Materials for Countertops Part 1

What’s the one item that sets the tone for the kitchen. The statement of the kitchen? ¬†From experience we can tell you one of the first questions we always get about our kitchens? ” What are your countertops made of??” So we thought we would write a series on countertops. With the never ending options […]

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Why Flippers Fail

It happens to the best of us. Mistakes are made, time and money are lost. A bad flip. But don’t feel too bad; even pop star Ricky Martin had a failed flip in 2010. Guess he wasn’t Livin’ La Vida Loca that year. But how can you as a part time real estate investor stay […]

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Don’t Over Improve!

¬† Does your agent suggest you add some extra touches? Once the restoration part of the flip is done, do some things seem too outdated or dirty? Does the new flooring and the new coat of paint now make some things about the house not acceptable? Do not get into this mind set. Because if […]

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