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Best of Before and After: Bathrooms

Comparing before and afters is always a great way to quantify the changes we make in our flipped homes and see what we have accomplished. It is truly amazing how different an area of a house can look before and after a remodel. As we start our 3rd week in this blog series we will take […]

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Flaunting Faucets

  The hardware in a bathroom or kitchen sink can really set off the room. Different designs, styles and features allow you to dress up and draw attention to the space. Always try to update the fixtures especially the faucets. Make sure if you switch out the sink faucet you also match it to the shower or […]

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Seven Items to Check When Remodeling the Bathroom

The first thing people want to know when it comes to a bathroom are how many the house has. The second thing? If it has been updated. Bathrooms can be a huge selling point for your potential flip. Most houses are standard 2 to a normal sized family house. There is always an option to […]

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