Archive | November, 2013

The Alternate to 529’s: Flipping Houses for College Money

One of the things we try to do here at Part-Time REI is to help potential house flippers understand the benefits of  flipping houses part-time.  One of the best reasons to start investing in real estate is the extra cash. Not only to do the things you love like travel, or save for your retirement, […]

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Flipping House Series: The Student House of the Quarter

Part-Time REI would like to congratulate our student Brent on his first flip! Brent has been working hard on on flipping this house and we are ready to showcase the “after”  photos of his house and what a great job he did.       Notice that our student used neutral colors through out the […]

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Inspecting Inspections for Houses

Ah, yes inspections. The necessary evil of the real estate world. The one thing that can take a “for sure” deal from imminent to inconclusive at the stroke of an inspector’s pen. We know sometimes they are a pain to deal with and if you are just getting started, it may be hard to understand […]

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