Archive | July, 2014

Podcast 05: Building Your Real Estate Team

Today in our next podcast, we will be discussing your real estate team and why you need it. In this episode Bryan and Erik talk about not getting overwhelmed by building your real estate team. They will discuss who is on that team and what responsibilities each team member has.     Building Your Real Estate Team […]

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What You Must Disclose: Part 2

Last week we took at look at some of the rules of disclosure. What you think you must and really don’t have to on a home might surprise you. In our last blog we talked about Deaths in the Residence,  Neighborhood Nuisances, and  Environmental and Natural Hazards. Today we sum up our disclosure recommendations with Association […]

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Market Watch: Campbell County, KY

A few weeks ago we did a blog on the best counties in the country to invest in real estate. There were a few predictable ones and a few off the flipping map. One of those that came out of no where was Campbell County, KY. Wonder what makes it so special? We did too. Campbell […]

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