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What You Must Disclose: Part 2

Last week we took at look at some of the rules of disclosure. What you think you must and really don’t have to on a home might surprise you. In our last blog we talked about Deaths in the Residence,  Neighborhood Nuisances, and  Environmental and Natural Hazards. Today we sum up our disclosure recommendations with Association […]

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Flipping House Series: The Mold House Part 1

Our next house in our Flipping House Series could not be named anything else but The Mold House. Our team purchased this property at the county courthouse foreclosure auction. Purchasing investment properties in this manner is not for the faint of heart. It can sometimes be risky because no one is able to have actual […]

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Mold…mmmm Smells Like Money

Ahhhh..mold. That smelly, icky stuff that most home buyers think is a deal breaker. In the flipping world what might deter some potential home buyers might just be your ticket to a great deal.  Now that smells like….money! But not long ago news reports of mold-related illnesses and lawsuits against home builders scared the public […]

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