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Market Watch: Spokane

Understanding your market is critical to being a successful real estate investor.  Your goal is to hold the property for a short time when flipping houses so, you shouldn’t expect huge market swings.  However, it’s good to know whether the market is appreciating or depreciating.  You especially don’t want to finish up and find out […]

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The Latest on Flipping Houses

Some people think the flipping houses bubble burst along with the rest of the real estate bubble in 2008, but real estate data shows the practice is on the upswing again. This time in the news are the million-dollar homes. Although we here at Part-Time REI believe there is always a market for flipping houses […]

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Flipping Houses: The Waterfall House-Part 2

Let’s take a look at the progress on The Waterfall House. If you remember this house had basically 3 big problems in addition to your basic rehabbing; painting, new carpet, etc. The first problem we tackled was the plumbing bursting.  We are repairing the broken plumbing, removing all the damage, and replacing everything.    2. Since […]

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We’re Bringing Flipping Back!

Since we posted our blog about flipping houses in the news there has been even more buzz about rehabbing. Enough that we felt some of the more newsworthly stories deserved a second glance.  It seems every day there is a new list of the “Top 5 Hottest Markets For Flipping Houses”.   Here’s a few […]

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Forced and Market Appreciation—Do you know the difference?

Forced and Market Appreciation—Do you know the difference?     Today we are going to talk about something very important to investing in real estate—appreciation. Appreciation is the rise in value or price, of your real estate investment.  When you are flipping houses, the property can appreciate (or not) via Forced Appreciation and/or Market Appreciation.  […]

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