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Flipping Houses 201: Houses Not to Buy

Fire-Damaged? Great! Structural Issue? No problem.  Mold?  Mmmm….Smells like money!  Most of the time, distressed properties and your run of the mill “ugly” or “dated” houses are hot pickings when flipping houses.  But there are properties out there that you should avoid at all costs.  Here are 8 properties that make our list of houses not to […]

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FHA 90 Day Rule – Fix and Flip Guidelines

As a fix and flip investor, you need to be aware of laws and regulations that affect your costs.  The FHA 90 day rule is one such law.  Originally enacted to prevent “flippers” from purchasing properties and artificially inflating the value via collusion with a lender or appraiser, this rule affects how long you must […]

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