Archive | October, 2013

Flipping House Series: The Money “Drain” House Part One

One of the memorable things about The Money “Drain” House is that it had a patio outside the walkout basement door that filled up with water when it rained and the water leaked into the basement.  This of course happened AFTER our team bought it.  So, our team had to fix a problem that we had not planned on […]

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Why You Must Use a SOW

As real estate investors, we have all had a laugh or two about a contractor being on time. Deadlines are missed, deliveries late. How can you keep your project and contractors in line? One very important aspect of a successful flip is the creation of a Statement Of Work (SOW). Every project must have one, and […]

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How to Get the Investor Mindset

Did you know Americans are among the worst savers in the world according to Entrepreneur Magazine? It’s true. And unfortunately it is how all of us were taught to have a financial future…save…save…save. But what if you could change all that? What if you could figure out how to make your money, make you money? […]

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