Flipping Houses University


Whether you are just starting out or looking to take your business to the next level our Flipping Houses University is sure to help you on your way to success. Here you will find a collection of tips for beginning and advanced rehabbers.


FH 101: Important Basics - Just starting out or need a refresher? Check out our list of basics when investing in real estate.

FH 102: Investor Mindset- Coming soon

FH 103: Know your Market – A must when investing in real estate, learn how you can know your market and when you want to start flipping homes.

FH 104: Where to get financing – One of the most important aspects when investing in real estate, this series will help you find flipping financing.


FH 201: Know your Numbers – Understanding all of the costs associated with buying, carrying, and selling a flip house.

FH 202: Property Estimate Repair Sheet - (Quick estimation – ballpark figures) — eventually link the series on how to do repairs

FH 203: Where to Find Flipping Deals


FH 301:  Houses not to Buy – One of the biggest mistakes one can make when flipping houses is buying the wrong property.  Just because it is cheap, does not mean you should buy it.  Make sure you avoid these properties especially when starting out.

FH 302:  More Houses not to buy - A continuation of those dreadful potential flips to steer clear of.

FH 303: Don’t Over Improve – Be sure to read this article on one of the biggest pitfalls to real estate investors. Learn how not to over improve your flip.



FH 401: Mentoring-The Secret to Sucess - One of the fundamental thoughts behind Part-Time REI, this lesson will instill in you why you need a mentor. It’s how people who are great at what they do learned, and it’s how our team learned.

FH 402


Graduate Level

FH 501: Systems -  Why having systems is an essential part to flipping houses.

FH 601:  Leverage


Here at Part-Time REI we are all about systems and efficiency. We strive to be your ultimate source for learning how to invest real estate part time by flipping houses.

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