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Choices for Carpet when Flipping a House

Rarely does our team see a potential flip that doesn’t need a little TLC. And it is even rarer to see one that doesn’t need new carpet. Updating the flooring in a house that we are flipping is kind of a no brainer. Pretty much we see it this way: You as an REI have 3 […]

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Tips on Flooring Flips

One of the first things people notice when they walk in a house is the flooring. There are so many options out there it is hard to know where to start when flipping a house. We here at Part-Time REI have had our share of surprises when it comes to flooring. Sometimes it is an […]

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Flipping Houses: The What Lies Beneath House Part 2

The What Lies Beneath House     The nick name for our next house might remind you that we got a little surprise when we started to rehabb this house. We found nice hard wood floors and are refinishing them. Here are some in progress shots that will show you how it is coming along. […]

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Flipping Houses–The “What Lies Beneath” House

The nick name for our next house might get you thinking you are about to hear a horror story. With all the terrors you hear from veteran house flippers about mold infested foreclosures, sinking foundations, and roofs caving in…  But every now and then we get lucky. Here we found a little diamond in the […]

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