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Time vs Money

We have all heard the cliche “time is money”and no truer statement was ever made when investing in real estate.  Times that by 2 if  you are investing on a part-time basis.  So how can you make sure that you are not erroneously spending your time and money when flipping houses? Let us tell you […]

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Killer Confidence

So you are probably wondering how to get there. How to gain that confidence to get into that investor mindset. A strong, successful investor in real estate realizes that a paradigm shift happens in your mind. A person goes from ‘How do I earn money? to ‘How can I save money’?  While there are always […]

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Podcast 04: The 7 Steps to Every Rehab

Today in our fourth podcast we will delve a little more into systems. Our past few podcasts we have mentioned how important having systems is while investing in real estate. In this episode Bryan and Erik talk about how using the seven step system will put you on the right track for rehabbing success. The […]

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