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Sticking to Your Numbers

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of flipping houses can also be the easiest to mess up– your numbers. Now we know the “Flip This” and “Flip That” TV shows makes it look like the investors score a deal on EVERY property they flip but we thought a dose of reality might come in handy. […]

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Don’t Over Improve!

  Does your agent suggest you add some extra touches? Once the restoration part of the flip is done, do some things seem too outdated or dirty? Does the new flooring and the new coat of paint now make some things about the house not acceptable? Do not get into this mind set. Because if […]

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Zima, Zillow, and Zestimates

In 1993, Zima was thrust upon the country as “Zomething Different.”  Coors introduced the beverage to fill the previously unknown void between beer and wine coolers.  Turns out that drinkers of beer and wine coolers actually preferred their respective products and have no desire to mix the two.   Zima was mercifully discontinued in 2008.  Other than the public shame of those who ordered […]

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