Archive | April, 2014

Flipping House Series: The Wind Storm House Finale

In our next post in our Flipping House Series, we will take a final look at The Wind Storm House. As mentioned in our first post on this house this flipĀ is actually from a few years ago. We wanted to share this one though because of the insurance dealings we had with this one. Soon […]

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Do You Need Vacant Home Insurance?

If you think your think your home doesn’t need insurance while you are remodeling it, you are out of your flipping mind. If you are a REI, you will be surprised to know that you need to purchase a specific kind of insurance called “vacant home insurance” for the properties. Not only that, the insurance […]

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Can You Do It?

Today’s post is all about success. We thought we can blog all day about how to be successful, what books to read, what we wish we knew before we started flipping houses etc. But what really motivates people to start a new endeavor? What is that one thing that that makes you commit to a […]

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